Reiki 8 Things you need to know

Tuesday September 7th, 7pm Eastern Time

Free Workshop, Live on Zoom

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Whether you are brand new to Reiki, have been receiving Reiki for years, or are already a practitioner… this workshop will offer you some great information. 

The distinction between ‘Reiki’ and ‘Energy Work’ can be confusing, especially when we hear different messages from every direction about ‘the new tool you need’, a quick fix or miracle cure, ‘everyone needs Reiki’, etc. 

All the information coming in can be exhausting and can throw you right into an emotional shut down… that’s not even counting all of the INTUITIVE information coming through!

It’s a lot.

I feel ya. 

Here’s the thing tho… you have to tune into YOURSELF and how YOUR intuition receives messages. 

This free workshop will help you set up a foundation so that you understand more about Reiki and how it can support your life.

Already a Reiki practitioner? Awesome! Use this as an audit on your current practices.

You will leave with actionable items for your own practice. 

At the end of the workshop, I will share a next step to go further on your Reiki journey with the Reiki Mentorship.  

There will NOT be any hard sales tactics with this workshop, only information and an invitation if it resonates and sparks something within you.

I’m so excited to share this free workshop with you! Be sure you register, and let me know if you have any questions at all!!


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