Do you ever do free challenges?

Yes! Request to be notified here or in the FB group: Manifest with LESS. Free challenges will be sent to your inbox and will take place in the FB group or in a special FB group just for the specific challenge.

What if I want to get an appointment with you RIGHT AWAY?

I love your enthusiasm!  I often schedule weeks out, but if you are needing to get in ASAP, there may be an option available to ‘skip the line’ for an added fee. To keep the quality of service provided at a high level, I cannot always offer this, as I need to stay in integrity and not stretch myself too thin. Please respect when I say I am not available, but always feel free to ask… as long as you know the answer may be ‘not right now’. In the meantime, I have plenty of free content for you to start working on and participate in the  FB group: Manifest with LESS. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Do you ever do free challenges?

Yes! Request to be notified here or in the FB group: Manifest with LESS. Free challenges will be sent to your inbox and will take place in the FB group or in a special FB group just for the specific challenge.

How do I get your free content?

There is free content posted constantly in the FB group: Manifest with LESS. You can also register to receive free content through emails or visit or Vlog. The more you check back and interact, the more opportunities you will see to receive free content as it comes available.

Do you use social media?

Yes! You can find me at @just.foy.fun on Instagram, and on Facebook I have a free group with lots of free content! FB group: Manifest with LESS

If I don’t live in Louisville, can you still coach me?

Absolutely! Most sessions and programs are done over the phone, so physical location does not matter. I am also able to do distance energy and healing work when needed.

Where are you located?

My services are located wherever is convenient for you! I currently live in Louisville, KY but most of my programs are done over the phone or in virtual meetings. I also offer retreats around the world. Be sure to be put on the wait list to be the first notified when a retreat becomes available!

How long have you been coaching?

In a way, I have been coaching all my life, as I have naturally used my intuition to help others, as well as sharing my journey through life to help others. In a professional sense, I have been an intuitive life and business coach since 2017.  I became a massage therapist in 2007, where people began seeking my guidance not just for their physical bodies, but for their life. When I became a Reiki practitioner in 2008, clients would seek the guidance provided by my intuition. In 2017, I began doing Emotional Healing work, which then led to a high demand for coaching. I denied the ‘calling’ for a while and discredited how much I could really help others. Since stepping in the official role of coach, I have finally been able to truly give the guidance, education, and support to others that Spirit has been encouraging me to do for years.

If I’m not a hoarder, is the decluttering course good for me to take?

Absolutely! The decluttering course is about what you can learn about yourself and how you can grow by evaluating your ‘stuff’.  We do practical decluttering and walk you through step by step, but there is also an emotional training to this, which is helpful if you are a hoarder, or think you space just needs a little tune up.

What does cord cutting mean?

Cord cutting is a way to disconnect others energy from your own in a healthy and loving way. If you feel drained and don’t know why, or feel an emotion that is foreign to you and does not feel like your own, it may be time to cut cords. Cords can be connected to not only other people, but also other events, places, animals, etc.

Do you offer some type of custom package or do I have to pick from a set coaching program?

Each of our programs have the option to upgrade to an accelerated/VIP option with more coaching or other programs added in. If the set coaching programs offered are still not your ideal set up, please reach out to us and we may be able to offer you a customized program if you know what you are wanting.

What is the least expensive coaching you offer?

The least expensive program would be an online course. If you purchase an online course, and realize you still need more assistance, you can always add on an individual session with Liz.

If you aren’t sure what you want out of coaching, but know you want human interaction and more accountability, scheduling a one on one individual session with Liz is the way to go. You can get a feel for how you work together and can often receive a bit of direction to tackle some tasks before investing in a more accelerated program.

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