What to Expect

An intensive in-person event will kick off this Mastermind group, setting the container for 8 weeks full of breakthroughs, massive clarity and upleveling.  Through the weekly video calls and continual Voxer voice and text support, you can experience connection with a group of like-minded individuals that will allow you to be fully authentic and vulnerable every step of the way. By embracing the introspective work, you are guided to connect with yourself and your world in a form of full presence that few people allow themselves to experience.


What you can have by the end of the program if you give it your all

  • Understanding of a deep connection with others who value growth and authenticity
  • Routines, rituals and micro-habits that work for you
  • Understanding of planning your goals and getting in alignment with the feelings associated
  • Deeper understanding of your past patterns, how to avoid them, and a new story for yourself
  • Healthier relationship with money and abundance.
  • Techniques to release fear, resentment, pain, and past patterns
  • Less commitments that are draining!
  • More authentic relationships
  • Thorough understanding of Manifestation techniques
  • Clarification of your own strengths and how to utilize them
  • Deeper connection to your physical body
  • Fewer physical belongings that drain your energy
  • Ability to connect with a level of peace in all situations

1 day in-person intensive event

1 group video call weekly

2 audio recordings

Worksheets and journal prompts

Voxer(voice and text) group support

Private Facebook community


Everything in 'Silver'

+ 2 Individual coaching calls

+ Discount on additional sessions

+ First access to new programs/workshops


Everything in 'Silver' and 'Gold'

+ 1 additional in-person event (2 total)

+ 2 additional individual coaching calls (4 total)

+ Option to include others (including large group) during coaching calls. Great for teams, business owners, and leaders!