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3-6 month program

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Responding to the call to begin or deepen your Reiki Journey has the potential to completely change your life. This is not something to be taken lightly.

Having the support system that is going through a similar awakening, and having the guidance of a seasoned facilitator holding the space for your transformation is unlike anything else.

This is not just Reiki training… This is an awakening... with Reiki as the focus.

By entering into the Reiki Mentorship, you will receive personalized support through the entire process and receive guidance to connect deeper to YOUR intuition and develop your skillsets and life habits in a way that is sustainable for YOU.

We begin by setting the container of your habits and trust in yourself before the first attunement.
You will build a strong foundation of working on yourself and incorporating Reiki into your life.

When you begin working on others, you have the confidence in yourself, connection to your intuition, self care foundations, and energetic boundaries already established… so you are ready to support those around you on their healing journey without losing yourself.

Together, we create ripples that go so much further than just ourselves, our family and friends, and even beyond our clients.
If you are ready to respond to the call to deepen your experience with Reiki, your support system is here.

If the full Reiki Mentorship with personalized support does not feel aligned for you right now, we do have ‘Study on your own’ option available.

A. Reiki Mentorship ( Group Coaching ) - $3,500

  • 2 Certifications
    • Usui / Tibetan Reiki 1
    • Usui / Tibetan Reiki 2
    • *Upon completion of courses and all criteria
  • 15+ Video Coaching Sessions
    • First 3 months is intensive mentorship with weekly call opportunities
    • Monthly calls for integration in months 4, 5, 6
    • Small group (1-7) of like-minded peers going through the transformation with you
  • 3+ Group practice sessions - Virtual / In person
    • (Some with Liz teaching and some with physical/virtual space open to group but no extra teaching)
  • 30+ Training videos
  • Hard copy of Reiki Manual
  • Network with a community of like-minded people through this process
  • Guidance for YOUR intuition development, not just Reiki training
  • Develop the ability to do Reiki on yourself, others, and via distance
  • Journal Prompts to guide you through the awakening
  • 2 in person or distance sessions (attunement + training / practice)
    • Optional Add On: 1 on 1 video call for attunement if can't join group attunement (extra fees apply)
  • 6 months total

Payment Options:

$350 a month ( 10 month payment plan )

$575 a month ( 6 month payment plan ) $50 Savings!

$3,400 ( pay in full ) $100 Savings!

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B. Study On Your Own – $1,500

  • 2 Certifications
    • Usui / Tibetan Reiki 1
    • Usui / Tibetan Reiki 2
    • *Upon completion of courses and all criteria
  • 30+ training videos
  • Hard copy of Reiki Manual
  • Develop the ability to do Reiki on yourself, others, and via distance
  • Journal Prompts to guide you through the awakening
  • 2 in person or distance sessions (attunement + training / practice)
  • Optional Add On: 1 on 1 video call for attunement if can’t join group attunement (extra fees apply)
  • 3 months total

Payment Options:

$250 a month ( 6 month payment plan )

Or  $1,450 ( pay in full ) $50 Savings!

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Add On: 1 On 1 Support + $500 per month

  • Can be added to "A.Group Coaching" or "B.Study On Your Own" packages above
  • 1 on 1 voice / text support via Voxer app
  • Send voice messages 24/7 including questions, roadblocks, thoughts
  • Get a response in less than 48hrs
  • This can be added to either Reiki package above
  • Can be purchased month by month ( no long term requirements )


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YES! There are weekly LIVE group mentorship video calls where you have the opportunity to receive 1:1 support from Liz.
We officially start September 18th. The cart closes September 15th.
The actual time invested can vary, especially because you will be learning practices that are applied throughout your daily life. The minimum requirement is probably 1 hour a week. I highly suggest carving out at least 30 minutes daily to practice what you are learning. Weekly calls optional but recommended 1 hour a week for training videos Additional practice time beyond this is recommended… but small applications throughout your day are most important.
We have weekly opportunities for the calls so you can hopefully make some of them. It would be great if everyone could attend each call, but we realize that is unlikely… which is why we have so many calls! If you can’t make a call, you can submit your questions beforehand.
This mentorship is ideal for someone new to Reiki or wanting to deepen their Reiki skillset. This is for you if you want to build trust with yourself and your intuition more. If you are ready to be guided to discover your true essence even more and create ripples into the world around you, this is for you!
Awesome! This mentorship goes beyond the traditional teachings of Reiki and creates space for your intuitive abilities to come through. The weekly call opportunities also gives you a chance to work on the parts of you that are coming to the surface for more attention, so you can continue sharing Reiki in the most ethical way possible. Depending on which lineage of Reiki you have been trained through, you might have some information that is new, and some that is a review. This is not just for new Reiki practitioners.
It is incredible that you are feeling the call to this energy work! No experience is necessary. It might feel a bit vulnerable for you to open up to all the shifts that Reiki can bring, but that is why this container is PERFECT! You will have support throughout the awakening process, and plenty of opportunities to ask questions if there is something unfamiliar to you. I (Liz) am available to discuss any hesitation in deeper detail with you to be sure this is the right fit.
This might be possible. It will depend on the group size and other factors of how the group is moving through the process. The option to upgrade during this round is not guaranteed, so if you are on the fence or think you might need more support than the ‘Study on your own’ option, please discuss further with Liz.
Do you know what a ‘yes’ feels like in your body and spirit? Even if there is some fear and vulnerability present, are you feeling the ‘yes’? When you ground fully into your energy with a few deep breaths and ask yourself if the Reiki Mentorship is right for you… what response do you receive? My goal is to help you make an EMPOWERED decision, not to sell you on something that isn’t the right fit for you. You making the right choice for YOU is going to make this program a success for you. Set up your complimentary call HERE.

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