Visualize and create a life worth living

Ongoing Coaching & Healing

You know you are meant to experience more in this lifetime! It’s time to step into the version of yourself that can receive all the joy and abundance that life has to offer.
Don’t be mistaken… This is not just coaching!
We will do deep healing work around what is holding you back, release resistance, and you will feel a newfound freedom when you connect with your truest self.


2hr Session

This 2 hour deep dive session allows enough time to really dig into a handful of topics, all centered around healing the root cause.
You will then have a full week of coaching support to maintain the momentum from the session breakthroughs! Your business might need some fresh ideas, you might be struggling to clearly communicate with loved ones, or you might be ready to release something from your past and finally heal. In this safe container, we dig into what you truly desire from your life & your business, heal limitations, and take action!


Your Business

Find meaning in your current position

Learn what your business needs to thrive

Build a business that lights your soul on fire

Gain confidence when selling

Increase Your Margins

Liz-Foy-Lifestyle-coachYour Lifestyle

Wake up excited to start your day

Live a more intentional life

Identify dreams and set goals

Heal and grow from your past

Find balance in personal and work life

Free Discovery Call

Still not sure what your next step might be?

You can book a FREE call with me to chat a little bit about where you are and where you want to go.