True shining light

If ever asked again what I want to be when I grow up, I would just point to Liz. SHE is what I want to be. Her positivity that never seems to cease radiating out into the world is what I want to share in my own life. Liz is a role model, a leader, a friend, a helping hand, and THE most admirable person that I have come to meet. I could never thank her or put my gratitude into enough explanatory words to be able to accurately describe how thankful I am to the universe for allowing me to meet her, and set things in motion. I can only hope that others are able to see and FEEL the light from her that I have come to see, and hope that they too are able to benefit from even simply just her company.



Follow up is critical!

The continual support available after a session is an absolute game changer! I had no idea how much would continue processing after a session, and I’m so thankful that Liz was available to me so I could continue working through what came up in the healing session.


Such Wisdom!

It’s amazing that someone so young can hold such wisdom. The term ‘old soul’ is thrown around a lot, but my mind can’t wrap around how she can have such wisdom and insight at such a young age. Even though I am almost double Liz’s age, I learn something from her every time we speak. She has helped me recognize the patterns in my life that don’t serve me, and not only do the healing within the session, but then she helps me actually put it into practice with gentle follow up. I’m so thankful that I was introduced to Liz and her healing work.


Safest I have ever felt

Liz has a gift for making the client feel safe and secure. I feel like I can tell her anything and everything about me, and I won’t be judged. It is the safest environment I have ever experienced.
She has an all encompassing focus on the client. She is there physically and mentally 100%, and I feel that. I know the session is totally about me. I leave every session feeling uplifted and inspired. It doesn’t matter how I show up for the session, she is capable of turning things around and showing me just how wonderful I am.


Amazing results!

I have had several sessions with Liz for Intuitive Healing. I’m always amazed at the emotions she uncovers that my body has been holding onto. I’ve had wonderful relief, emotionally and physically. I love her Reiki sessions too.. I always leave feeling energized! Thanks, Liz!! Customer since March 2018

Debbie M


Completely different life!

Since working with Liz, I have completely changed my life. It might not LOOK that different to others (although I think it does), but it FEELS like a totally different life. I thought I was happy, but I had no idea how incredible it could feel when truly living in ‘the flow’. I am constantly in touch with my spiritual side, and the ways she taught me to connect with my intuition have helped me feel comfortable with every decision I make.



Liz is indefinitely BEYOND helpful. This will be a very frequent tool in building my business and self care plans. She will be one of the soul people responsible but my success. I highly recommend any of the services here. Customer since September 2018



I have a choice now

For once in my life I am at a point where I CAN and DO realize where I have made choices that led to a ripple effect of more exact things that I didn’t want for myself. I am able to view ALL sides instead of just my own. I’m able to quickly locate where I am lacking and now know steps I can take to reset my thinking. Finally, I can wake up and know how I want my day to go, and can actually choose the right steps I need to make to set that into motion.



Such an inspiration

When things happen and I’m unsure of how to handle it, I know that Liz is right there to give the best advice possible on how to figure it out in the most positive way. I know that posts and pictures on social media can be a bit of a curtain to inner issues, but honestly, just hearing Liz speak is so inspiring in itself. The energy that emits from her spirit is so enlightening and motivation in itself. She has fought through her own hidden struggles of life, and continues to push forward with persistence and gratitude.


Liz is the best

I love the energy from liz and her emotional healing sessions have been such a hard grounder game changer for my life! I went from always on edge of crying to starting a positive flow and the first signs have already arrived after just two months! Thanks for everything and looking forward to the next one. Customer since August 2015

Rick K



I have been doing reiki with Liz for almost a year now and every experience is wonderful. I always leave feeling much better than I came in. Liz is understanding and puts time into getting to know you and your specific needs! Customer since June 2017

Eleanor W



Another great session of addressing my current issues. The combination of Reiki and Lymphatic massage was just what I needed this time. Thanks Liz!  Customer since May 2017




I have known Liz for years and have trusted her throughout to do awesome work! However, I was a little leery but excited for some intuitive healing and emotional work and I am now a believer! Liz is such a pure soul and I am so grateful for the work she does! Customer since November 2015

Tamara C


Wonderful experience

Liz is absolutely amazing. She is highly skilled, patient and takes time to find out the areas that are troubling you. I highly recommend her! Customer since July 2016

Tracy S


Wonderful practice, highly recommend

Liz is a wonderful practitioner and very astutely answered all of my questions before ans after the session. I highly recommend her services to anyone in the helping industry. Customer since December 2017

Ramanda B